Our digital workflow saved this many Kilograms of CO2 emissions last year.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a Schell Customer, can I use the same login and password on the nutooth Portal?

No – nutooth is a separate production lab and will require its own login and password, however, your monthly statements will be from Schell Dental Ceramics, Inc. the parent company of nutooth.

Do modeless crowns fit the same as crowns designed with a 3D printed model?


I do not have an Intraoral Scanner, how do I become a nutooth customer?

nutooth is a new partnership exclusively utilizing a digital workflow. This means it will only accept cases through intraoral scanners and the nutooth portal. If you are interested in making the change from analog to digital, we would be happy to arrange a time for our scanning expert to come discuss how to help you make the transition for you and your staff easy and seamless.

If I have other classic cases, that are not nutooth qualified, can I submit them to Schell Dental Ceramics?

Yes – cases that aren’t part of nutooth can be submitted through the Schell Dental Portal https://portal.schelldental.ca/login using your unique Schell Dental User id and password.

Will going digital and modeless decrease my environmental footprint? If so how?

From beginning to end, the digital modeless workflow reduces our environmental footprint. Files are sent electronically, saving a car and driver pickup; no models are required saving plaster or resin models from being added to the landfills; our packaging has been designed to be reusable and environmentally friendly.

How do I keep track of my digital cases, once they have been submitted to nutooth?

Our prescription portal allows anyone on your team, from accounting to dental assistants, full access to all aspects of their prescriptions. Once logged in, the team can add notes, see invoices, print statements, schedule pick ups and check on the case status.