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nutooth FAQs

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions

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What is  ?

nutooth allows dentists who have digital impression systems to receive Full Contour Monolithic Zirconia and e.max crowns in 24-72 Hours. Schell Dental Ceramics is utilizing their 27+ years of Dental IQ to produce the crowns in a completely modeless environment allowing for the most accurate and best fitting restoration possible.

Why  ?

An Advancement in Technology

nutooth is Schell Dental’s fully digital world, dedicated to providing digital technology solutions, which add value and enhance client workflow, patient treatment and admin tools and capabilities.

The nutooth modeless workflow represents a seamless, end-to-end experience for the dentist, dental team and patient. Every step is based on enabling technology and data to accurately transmit, design, produce and insert the restoration, more efficiently, accurately, comfortably, consistently, all within a much smaller carbon footprint.

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"Working with nutooth, or the modeless system that nutooth brings to my team. I know that once I take the scan, send it to Schell, they do the design, create the crown, I know it's going to fit perfect and it does every time. "

Dr. Brent Corlazzoli

"Moving to nutooth has allowed us to deliver for our patients quality work, timely work, both in terms of turnaround and the time in the chair. The modeless workflow has allowed us to cut down on waste, cut down on storage in our office, we're able to store things digitally as opposed to physically."

Dr. Darren Bushel

"nutooth, I would say, it's fast, it's interesting, it promotes lots of discussion with the patient, the staff like it, it's been a real benefit to my practice."

Dr. Gordon Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nutooth only for single unit crowns?

Yes and No! You may send a scan for up to three units, but they must be individual crowns, ie. not a bridge.

What kind of restorations are available in nutooth?

Initially, we are offering posterior monolithic zirconia crowns, but more products will be added in the future as we develop more digital workflows.

To submit my first case, what are the steps?

Please contact us either via LabChat or by completing the online contact request. We will set up your account and contact you with your login information and other details required to get you started.

What is the turn around time for a nutooth crown?

If you are located within the Kelowna area, the turn around time is 3 working days. For example, if the scan is received prior to 12 pm on a Monday , your completed case will be delivered by Thursday afternoon. If you are out of the Kelowna area, the case turn around time is dependant on your shipping provider.

Do you accept scans from all of the Intraoral Scanners on the market?

Yes – for instructions on how to connect with Schell Dental Ceramics, please see our website.

Can I order a crown that has multiple shades?


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