The new 3Shape Unite update has launched. 

3shape Trios users will notice that the update pops up daily, until you update your software. 

Below is a link that shows the amazing benefits of the new Unite Update such as , dongle no longer required, all scans synced to the cloud and upload any patient files for storage. 

Prior to doing the update, here is a few steps that you MUST do: 

1.Go to and add new communicate accounts with unique emails, for each separate dentist in your practice. ( You can no longer send cases under the primary dentists account ) Also, each dentist , including the administrator dentist will need a 6 digit Unique code to log into the Trios 

2.Log into your 3shape Trios using the main administrators account

3.Launch and do the update

4.Log into your 3Shape Trios , using each dentists Communicate account and confirm they are active. 

5.Cloud Storage not available yet in Canada. Here is the video, once it is activated 3Shape Unite — Software Improvement and Changes   3Shape Unite — Software Improvement and Changes

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call the lab, Labchat or text Christien at 778-215-4575