If you have a digital intraoral scanner, the benefits of using nutooth have just improved.

Schell’s modeless service, nutooth, is pleased to offer a quick turnaround option for Straumann users.  Send a digital impression of an implant retained posterior crown to nutooth and you will receive the custom abutment and final full contour zirconia crown within 48 hours (plus shipping for out-of-town customers).

The Straumann warranty and guarantee are the same as we mill the custom abutment on a blank provided by the Straumann Group.

So, you can trust that the custom abutment fits the implant provided.  Original components from Straumann make the difference.  Choosing original Straumann components, we receive a high-precision product of exceptional quality.  The perfect match of Straumann implants and abutments results in excellent fatigue test performance, while the exceedingly thorough inspection process ensures consistent quality across all original Straumann components.

The reduced turnaround time reduced fee and increased digital accuracy all combine to create an excellent product.

Straumann Variobase abutments may also be used, if applicable.  The abutments are of limited heights, so they are not always an option.  The dental technician will contact you if an option for your case.

Prior to sending a scan, confirm the following:

  1. The scan body is correct.
  2. The scan body was scanned fully, and the bevel is facing buccal or lingual and not interproximal.
  3. Contact points are broad rather than points.
  4. Insertion direction

To access this program contact information@nutooth.ca for an account, username and password or go to www.nutooth.ca and chat online with one of our dental experts.  If you are already a nutooth customer, you will find the new product listed in the portal under products.