Dr Gary Wessels, Vernon BC 

Here’s a little bit on the advantages of nutooth around holidays: 

Over the years, we had gotten used to tapering off our crown cases as we approached holidays, as we didn’t want our patients in temps while we were closed.  While the last 10 days before Christmas used to mean 10 long days of fillings, now it means business as usual on our normal blocking schedule.  Thanks to nutooth, crowns prepped this morning can be inserted tomorrow afternoon!  Thanks to the Schell Team for keeping me prepping till 2 days before vacation! 

Dr Rachel Staples, DMD ,Urban Smiles Colwood and Victoria 

It’s great that I found Schell Dental and nutooth dental lab as they have become a valuable resource for my busy dental practice in Victoria BC. It’s always important to provide the highest quality of care for my patients, and these services have been a game changer for me. 

With the quick turnaround times and high-quality crown fabrications, you can ensure that your patients don’t have to wait with precarious temporary crowns. Additionally, the fact that I haven’t had to send back a unit for refabrication speaks to the exceptional design and quality of the services provided by Schell Dental and nutooth. 

In the past I have used Cerec Digital Crown fabrication, and found the quality and fit didn’t meet my high standards. It’s always been important for me to keep up with the latest developments and advancements in the industry so as to provide the best care for my patients, and I have found the right solution for my needs with Schell Dental and nutooth. 

Overall, it’s been great to find a reliable and efficient resource for my dental practice, and the services provided by their professional team, has been a positive change for both my business and my patients. 

Dr Tim Bollans, Salmon Arm BC  

The digital transition has been going well and has moved from fear to acceptance and now to something we embrace.  nutooth is becoming something we use more everyday. 

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