At Nutooth we take pride in the work we have done to advance the transformation from an analogue world to a digital realm. That is why we have begun a Dental Women and Technology Study Club for dental teams to learn about new processes, social media and dental materials. We have launched a LAB CHAT feature on our Website which allows for instant communication with our dental lab professionals from Intraoral scanner support to digital design specialists.

Intraoral Scanner Training for dental teams is also coming soon, allowing dental team members to be trained on Intraoral Scanners prior to a dentist purchasing. Our mandate is to bring the advice and knowledge that we have gathered from Industry Leaders and material providers to dentists and dental teams. We realize the critical importance of Intraoral Scanning and implementation of digital processes as the future, if not the current reality of dentistry.

We are consulted on a regular basis, by all dental professionals, prior to purchasing Intraoral Scanners. They are asking us “What is the best IOS on the market?“, “ Can you see my impressions when I send them? “, “ Should I purchase an IOS now, or have you seen a better one on the market? “, “ What is the most popular scanner out there? “

The focus of this article is to give you a few questions to ask your equipment providers to allow you to receive the best digital impression system to match your needs.

Prior to purchasing your Intraoral Scanner ask yourself these questions

How much am I paying for Impression Material per year?

How much do I pay for impression trays and bite registration material per year ?

How many crowns do I do a year? How many bridges?

(this info can be gathered from your material providers )

Start timing your Crown and Bridge procedures for two weeks …how many minutes does it take for an impression, separate into CDA and Doctor time. Break down the time and the costs for each provider. This info will assist you in determining which IOS you should purchase.

Once you have your data:

What procedures will I use this for?

Who will be trained ?

Do I require color? Do you have an intraoral camera? If not, this can be used instead of a camera.

Do you want to keep impressions of all of your clients over the required 15/30 years ?

Do you want to analyse the changes such as wear, perio disease, recession, over the lifetime of your patient?

If I was to see my practice and sell all of my equipment, the new dentist wants to make their own 3D printed models, I want the scanner to be able to be open enough to allow them to do that…Future Proof!

Do I want to send scans of all of my new patients to my lab for storage, access and security.

Do you want to take this scanner with you to multiple practices? Old age facilities?

As an Associate dentist, would you like to keep all of your impressions and patient data with you as you move from office to office? Would you like to send to your lab of choice instead of the lab your principal dentist uses?

Nutooth has scanner training on a regular basis for no charge
Allowing for dentists and team to be trained on the newest technology, prior to purchasing and a long term commitment to an IOS.
Check out our website regularly for details or email  or call 250-861-3333.