How is it that a modeless crown can make a dental administrator’s day better? The nutooth workflow challenges the status quo allowing for benefits never experienced before by offering next day delivery.

Patients temp broke – with nutooth, your cases are shipped out by 2pm the next business day. If your patients temp broke, the crown is sitting in your office ready to go.

Patients cancelling last minute appointments – fill your schedule with nutooth crown inserts instead of non-productive appointments, reaching your daily production goals.

Keep prepping up to the day before vacation – never worry again about a patient’s temp falling off during your vacation. Keep prepping until the day before you leave and insert all of your restorations from thermal nightguards to implant retained crowns

Implant retained cases take forever– nutooth implant retained crowns for Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Dentsply Astra EV are shipped 48 hours after receiving the intraoral scan, no need for the patient to wait for three weeks or for your case to be completed, allowing for quicker invoicing.

No time for overeruption or tooth shifting due to challenging fitting temps – ill-fitting temporary crowns can often cause teeth to shift over time. Rescheduling insert appts can cause a patient to wear a temp for a longer time than usual, resulting in ill-fitting permanent restorations. Because nutooth crowns are delivered so quickly, rescheduling a patient can happen at any time.

Increase scheduling capacity and shorten appts– nutooth crowns have less remakes, allowing for consistent fit without compromising quality. Crown insert appointment times are shorter as the crowns are designed on a patients scan which is more accurate than a PVS impression.

Immediate feedback to the dental technician and digital designers – nutooth crowns have a qr code that provides immediate feedback on fit, margins and occlusion straight to the dental technician and designers that are designing your restorations so that the next case will be adjusted to allow for increased fit and accuracy.

Immediate feedback chairside via LAB CHAT – your dentists and dental teams can send an intraoral scan and have immediate feedback on their preps allowing for consistent fit and zero scheduling adjustments

Prescription portal at – the portal allows you to follow your cases through production and print invoices the moment they are produced. Also, you can send attachments and images via the portal that appear directly on the dental technicians bench.

LAB CHAT – our chat feature at allows immediate access to our team for questions or concerns you may have without picking up the phone (while the patient is in the chair).

If you are ready to sign up for nutooth and to find out more go to If your office is not currently offering intraoral scans to your patients, your team can try any of these scanners on a crown prep to check out the benefits of a nutooth workflow.

3Shape Trios 3

ITero Element 5D

Medit i500

Dentsply Primescan

Soon- 3DISC  Heron Full Arch Scans within 60 SECONDS – Heron 3DISC Review | Institute of Digital Dentistry

Keep an eye on the BLOG posts as we will also be posting BLOG posts for dentists and dental assistants promoting the benefits of nutooth.