nutooth modeless crowns shipped in 24 hours have more benefits than “just a quick turnaround crown”. Here are a few of the benefits a dentist will experience once the nutooth crown workflow is facilitated.

Little to no adjustments required – with nutooth, we trust the data from the intraoral scan sent to us. We design the crown within the hour it is submitted and ship it within 24 hours. When inserted upon arrival, the crowns just drop in with little to no adjustment as the teeth have had no time to shift or move.

Patient satisfaction– implant retained crowns are shipped within 48 hours allowing patients who have been experiencing 3-6 months of healing time, wearing flippers or temp crowns, to insert their final restoration quickly with an accurate fit. The implant crowns are also designed on the data from the intraoral scan which allows for an accurate fit and function. Completion of the case allows for final invoicing and improved cash flow, instead of waiting for another three to four weeks.

Lab quality crowns quickly – nutooth restorations are designed, milled and QC’d by the same team as Schell Dental Ceramics and Schack Dental Lab. With over 30 years of experience, we are able to offer nutooth modeless crowns extremely quickly, from the same materials as Schell and Schack customers receive in 1-2 weeks.

Environmentally friendly workflow – digital products made modeless have less impact on the environment in many ways. We do not have to send a car to pick up impressions, saving CO2 emissions. We do not need to put PVS impressions, plastic bags and stone models in the land fill. nutooth products are delivered with only a die for crowns and no model at all for nightguards.

Increased productivity, revenue & profitability – nutooth cases fit so well, that less time is required for inserts. Decrease your insert appts and maximize your day. Dentists who use nutooth notice increased productivity, especially prior to time off. They can prep crowns and insert them up to one day prior to vacations. If this is done two to three times a year, productive days increase (see our nutooth case study on the Schell/nutooth website).

Reduced Team Stress & Anxiety – the nutooth ‘next day’ option is providing our clients with increased options and scheduling flexibility, lowering the pressure associated with short-term disruptions (preformed temps, filling last minute cancellation slots, extending end of month cut off prep/insert schedules, etc.)

LABCHAT – Digital impressions also allow for instant prep validation with your lab chairside via lab chat so you can feel comfortable that your crowns will fit upon arrival.

If you are ready to sign up for nutooth and to find out more go to If your office is not currently offering intraoral scans to your patients, your team can try any of these scanners on a crown prep to check out the benefits of a nutooth workflow.

3Shape Trios 3

ITero Element 5D

Medit i500

Dentsply Primescan

Soon- 3DISC Heron Full Arch Scans within 60 SECONDS – Heron 3DISC Review | Institute of Digital Dentistry

Keep an eye on the BLOG posts as we will also be posting BLOG posts for dental administrators and dental assistants promoting the benefits of nutooth.