More time, more profit and more growth for your dental practice.

Like you, we too have experienced the challenges learning and trusting digital, and we understand that transitioning to digital can be disruptive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Digital Lab Services

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nutooth’s digital-first solutions have significantly improved practices, and yours could be next.

Our offerings include:

  • Anterior and Posterior modeless FCZ and eMax crowns
  • Modeless thermal nightguards

Shipped in 24 hours , when scan arrives by 2pm PST ( Mon-Fri )

  • Posterior modeless Straumann custom or variobase abutments with FCZ crown
  • Posterior modeless Nobel Biocare custom or unibase abutments with FCZ crown
  • Posterior modeless Dentsply Astra custom base with FCZ crown
  • Posterior modeless Neodent custom abutment with FCZ crown
  • Other fully authentic implant systems available upon request ( parts dependent )

Shipped in 48 hours , when scan arrives by 2pm PST ( Mon – Fri )

Dedicated Support

Navigating digital dentistry can be challenging, but our support team is here to simplify the whole process. You can expect:

  1. Timely Responses: Immediate assistance tailored to your practice’s needs.
  2. Knowledgeable Guidance: Our team, well-versed with our products and the industry, provides clear, actionable answers.
  3. Training Opportunities: We offer sessions to help clinics maximize the benefits of our technology.

Personalized Approach: Beyond troubleshooting, we emphasize understanding your clinic’s distinct requirements and fostering strong relationships.

Education & Training

Stay ahead in digital dentistry with our comprehensive training programs. Through workshops, seminars, and a variety of online resources, we’re dedicated to advancing your team’s skills and expertise.